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Recurring Giving

Recurring Giving

The Opioid Overdose Crisis and How We Help

Mendocino County currently holds the ranking as number one in the state (per capita) for overdose and overdose deaths related to opioid use. This is sadly true. The opioid overdose ranking at hand may be a result of several factors such as a child or youth getting ahold of a prescription, a teen or adult given fentanyl laced party drugs, a patient post-surgery misusing a prescription or a person who uses drugs injecting unknown street drugs into their system.

How we help is MCAVHN works every day providing services to prevent overdose. We provide free Narcan, train people in its use, and provide community education so that anyone can support persons who may be experiencing overdose. Additionally, we recently implemented a prevention education program for teens in middle and high schools and to tribal entities and community members county wide. The Prevention Education provided as well as our Narcan distribution and training program has been successful and we plan to expand these services in the months ahead to reduce and prevent opioid use and overdose.

Should you have questions regarding receiving Narcan or would like to learn more about our expansive services such as The Exchange / Harm Reduction, the Medicated Assisted Treatment Clinic, Hepatitis C testing and treatment, housing supports, or re-entry services please drop by or call us. We would be happy to greet you and share MCAVHN.

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